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    A home clear at a glance, China by Xi Garden Architecture Design Studio

    See ‘much in little’ in a 45㎡ apartment

    Project Specs


    非常感谢 系园建筑设计工作室(联系邮箱:[email protected]) 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于:Xi Garden Architecture Design Studio on gooood
    Appreciations towards Xi Garden Architecture Design Studio (contact: [email protected]) for providing the following description:


    Small and big

    这是一套45平米的学区房,原本老房子的格局清晰可见,一大一小两间卧室,中间的客餐厅封闭而局促。但苦于砖混结构,承重墙体无法移动。设计需要思考:1.如何激活公共空间以适应新的居住方式。2. 空间布局不合理,需要在有限空间里实现功能复合。3.探索小户型空间里“小中见大”这个永恒的主题。“小中见大”这个园林里最经典的题目,始终对设计师有着无法抗拒的诱惑力。

    ▼室内概览,interior overview

    This is a 45 square meter school district house. The original layout of the old house is clearly visible: two bedrooms and the living room in-between are enclosed and cramped. However, due to the brick structure, the load-bearing wall cannot move freely. The design needs to think about: 1. How to activate the public space to adapt to the new living style. 2. The spatial layout is unreasonable, and it is necessary to realize the multi-function in limited space. 3. Explore the eternal theme of ‘much in little’.

    ▼小中见大,‘much in little


    Seeing through


    The designer makes two enclosed rooms all open to the central space. The original master bedroom door is enlarged, and a small window of children’s room is towards the dining room, allowing the whole spatial mobility. Standing on the balcony, you can see the children’s room at a glance. The master bedroom is used as part of the living room. And the children’s room is a paradise for children.

    ▼改造前(左)后(右)平面对比,floor plan before (left) and after (right) renovation




    The original “room-corridor-room” model is changed to “balcony- master bedroom – living room – dining room – children’s room”. The space is unfolded in the depth direction, and a view corridor runs through the whole house. The originally enclosed spatial relationship is subtly divided into five levels, which is connected and continuous. Home, is seen through at a glance. The Small house appears naturally bigger.

    ▼设计彻底打破了原有的布局模式,the original pattern of layout was entirely broken


    玄关 | Entrance


    By enlarging the original master bedroom door and opening a small window of children’s room facing the master bedroom, the space becomes transparent. The grey magnetic wall is for children to paint and record their lives. The two-in-one dining room and kitchen greatly increased the operating area of the kitchen.

    ▼玄关墙角的夜灯,the entrance area with a night-light

    ▼厨房和餐厅,kitchen and dining room


    主卧 | Master bedroom


    The main bedroom is 4.5 meters wide by 5.4 meters deep, accounting for nearly half of the entire house. The space can be used in combination. The designer places the master’s bed as close to the balcony as possible, leaving a small living room on the other side.

    ▼主卧大床尽量靠近阳台,the master’s bed was placed as close to the balcony as possible


    The door is modified to a sliding door and a sliding window. During the day, the door is fully open, and the small living room is contributed as the center for the whole family.

    ▼主卧移门移窗,the sliding door and window of bedroom


    阳台 | Balcony


    One side of the balcony bears the function of the master’s study room, leaving a set of bookshelves under the window. The other side undertakes the function of laundry, and the washing machine and dryer are lined up.

    ▼从卧室望向阳台,view to the balcony


    More than seeing through



    “Seeing through” makes the house appear bigger, but this is not enough-it can be extended bigger. The house shows up “bigger” against “small”.

    The main bedroom is equipped with a high wardrobe along the wall to maximize the storage potential. The man’s desk and the hostess’s dressing table are cleverly arranged. Each family member has their own independent space. A small closet above the bed for bedtime readings is connected to the balcony storage space.

    ▼床头壁柜,the bedside cabinet

    ▼书房和梳妆台,study room and



    餐厅 | Dining room


    The original dining room was cramped and could not place in a normal-sized dining table. The design uses a three-stage rail and directional pulleys to create an extra-long drawer that hides the table in the kitchen cabinet. Small institutions can also solve big problems.

    ▼餐桌被隐藏在厨柜里,the dining table is hidden in the kitchen cabinet


    儿童房 | Children’s room


    ▼儿童房的集成家具系统,the integrated furniture system of the Children’s room

    Children’s room is only eight square meter. On the basis of the Ikea Kura bed, a slide, small wardrobe, toy storage steps, bookshelf, desk and two-story attic are equipped, in order to make the children’s dream come true. By building up the wooden frame and covering with the gauze, the bed turns into a small attic. Staircase is on the left and the slide is on the right. The ground is raised as a storage layer and the open space inside is a mini playground covered with cushions and toys. On the other side is the bookshelf and desk, which is a quiet place to study.

    ▼台阶、滑梯和高低床,the terraced spaced and the bunk bed with a slide

    ▼游乐空间,playing area

    ▼学习空间,studying area

    ▼室内细部:推窗,interior detailed view


    These small spaces hidden in all corners cannot be seen at the whole, and at a glance. You can “see through”, but you must “not see all”. According to the theory in the garden, this is called “kuang”and “ao”-“ kuang” is open, that is, ” see through “, and “Ao” is deep, that is, “not all.”

    ▼旷奥有致,open while sheltered

    ▼剖透视图,sectional perspective

    邮箱:[email protected]
    使用面积: 45平方米

    Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
    Design agency: Xi Garden Architecture Design Studio
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Building area: 58 square meters
    Use area: 45 square meters
    Hosting architect: Ji Xingshuai, Yin Yi
    Design time: June 2018 to August 2018
    Construction time: August 2018 to December 2018
    Photographer: Huang Rui

    More: 系园建筑设计工作室(联系邮箱:[email protected])。更多关于:Xi Garden Architecture Design Studio on gooood

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