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    Anju by kooo architects

    Small, weak and gentle objects gathered and linked together, becoming a strong space.

    Project Specs

    Design Firm:

    来自 小大建筑设计事务所 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们: kooo architects on gooood
    Appreciation towards kooo architects for providing the following description:


    Anju is a soft and light-weight material which can be self-assembled into masonry arched structure without the help of professional construction companies. Considering the frequency of earthquakes in Earthquake-prone countries like Japan, it is an attempt in the field of architecture which uses spatial installation devices to solve potential earthquake crisis.

    ▼装置外观,external view of the installation


    Kooo architects created an installation dome called `An ju` collaborated with the artist Mr Katori Shingo at the art gallery in Tokyo. They looked at the climate for constructing architecture in Japan, and decided to raise social awareness of the destructive power of earthquakes. Using approximately 336 disaster hoods to create a 5.3m diameter, 3.1m height semicircle spherical lightweight dome by connecting them together by a zipper. Their design embodies the color and texture of the artist’s pictures range while reminding the public of the prevalence of natural disasters.

    ▼光透过材料,形成美丽的视觉效果,distinctive vision effect created by light through the material


    Nowadays, those chunky buildings in the world always bring us sense of heaviness and it cannot be changed easily once built. People’s lifestyle change day by day. However, there is no any flexibility for the container that supports human’s living. What if the future buildings’ size and shape could be changed and built by people themselves according to reality situation. It can let people closer their live.


    ▼装置内部空间,interior space


    The component of An ju is used small and soft materials instead of heavy and large materials. Building architecture through the use of light materials to carefully protect people from the outside environment like a cloth gently wraps a human.

    ▼装置内部空间,由轻柔的材料构成,interior space of the installation composed of small and soft materials


    The idea of An ju is coming from headscarf “soft cloth guarding”. It is not a material which is as hard as brick, it is transmutative. It shaped the headscarf into layers of beautiful and regular form by using soft and flexible materials, and each layer of headscarf is changed regularly.
    By putting artist Mr Katori Shingo’s paintings into this hood, the interior space becomes a space which is enveloped by the artist’s worldview. Its appearance, wearing a unique color, is architectural and innovative solid art.

    ▼设计概念,design concept

    ▼建造过程,building process

    ▼总平面图,site plan



    Project name: An ju | 庵柔
    Architect’s Firm: kooo architects
    Website: www.ko-oo.jp
    Contact e-mail: [email protected]
    Completion Year: 2018
    Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 21sqm

    Lead Architects: kooo architects
    Other participants:
    Artist: Shingo Katori | 香取慎吾
    Construction Company: Nouvelle Vague
    Engineer: Ejiri Structural Engineers | 江尻建築構造設計事務所

    Clients: CULEN Inc
    Photo credits: Keishin Horikoshi | 堀越 圭晋

    More: kooo architects。更多关于他们: kooo architects on gooood

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