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    Warm of Year by Chunmi Design

    The life and the work

    katachi collection by nendo

    The new collection offers a third experience by adding new functions for the bags

    The Accordion Arch by Atelier YokYok

    Different ways to generate a space from the addition of simple modules

    Half Dome Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa

    The moon-like lamp creates various light environments


    The fun of the projection

    Tangmode, China by TELLS STUDIO

    A new attempt to use purple sand

    Band Collection by Patricia Urquiola

    The simple shape challenges the classic sophisticated lines

    THE KNOWN in Shenzhen, China by Crossboundaries

    A prefab installation made of concrete, mirror and steel to derivate an UNKNOWN CITY

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          SOLIDITY by YOY

          The empty and the solid

          gooood is looking for potential authors

          We are looking for you!(only in Chinese)

          Knoll Celebrates Bauhaus by OMA/Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli + Domitilla Dardi

          To give theatrical form to the multiple relations that connect the emblematic histories of the Bauhaus and Knoll

          From the Structures – Mario Tsai Solo Exhibition

          To express the important role of design in the process of adapting and controlling modern processing techniques and material properties

          Under 35 – Alfie Koetter

          Develop our own ideas and aesthetics as being an editor, a teacher and an architect at the same time.

          Neuron Pod by aLL Design

          The monocoque structure with three legs in the shape of a nerve cell

          beaver for Lasvit by nendo

          Looks as if it has been gnawed into by a beaver

          House P82 and Genuine Shelf by Lucas y Hernández – Gil Arquitectos

          Rough concrete structure contains delicate interior furnitures

          Summer stage at Kastav – Crekvina by architect Nenad Fabijani?

          The view terrace built on the archaeological remains

          Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

          Amazing! A landmark structure made of stairs