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    ‘T IJ by RO&AD Architecten + RAU Architecten

    A parametrically designed “egg” for bird observation

    Miller Park by EskewDumezRipple + Spackman Mossop Michaels

    A breathing place in a dense city

    Shower of Light in Nanchang, China by YIYU design

    Casting hundreds of colorful butterfly shadows in the space

    Garden of Seven Moments by Atelier de Molfetta Strode

    Domesticated wilderness: seven specific places refer to seven different moments

    Shanghai Miracle Garden, China by iGreenDesign

    A romantic fairy tale world.

    OMA and Laboratorio Permanente win competition for Scalo Farini in Milan

    To regenerate the ecology of Milan by providing clean air and water, addressing climate change and pollution on a metropolitan scale

    Aviapolis by C.F. M?ller Architects

    Masterplan that creates the world`s first 100% walk-friendly connection between an international airport, nature and urban city functions

    Time Story – Shekou School Square Landscape Design, China by ZIZU STUDIO

    A site which is filled with childhood memories from generation to generation

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          Mirri Site-Specific Sculpture by UAP

          The bold pattern and the vivid palette create a dazzling sculpture

          Qishan Garden in Shenzhen, China by July Cooperative Company

          A fantastic experience wandering in the pineland

          gooood is looking for potential authors

          We are looking for you!(only in Chinese)

          Grand Voyeux Natural Reserve by Territoires + Charles Henri TACHON + Nicolas Granger

          Exploring in the nature, protecting in the exploration

          Growing Up by New Office Works

          Show every respect of the city of Hong Kong

          Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment by Taylor Cullity Lethlean + UDLA

          A refreshed foreshore

          The Secret Base in a Small Town, China by JLA Studio

          “I will take you to a place, it is my secret base”

          Call for Entries: International Competition for the Landmark Design of Qianhai New City Center

          Official Lauching of the International Competition for the Landmark Design of Qianhai New City Center.

          2018 ASLA RESEARCH AWARD OF HONOR: Urban Aquatic Health: Integrating New Technologies and Resiliency into Floating Wetlands by Ayers Saint Gross

          Investigating new technologies to produce a more sustainable and high-performing floating wetland

          每周评论精选2019.03.23 – 2019.03.29

          (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.