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    (上海)寻长设计 – 室内设计师 / 平面设计师 / 实习生


    寻长设计 | NARMAL



    Founded in 2016, Narmal is composed of architects, interior designers and graphic designers. Our vision is to help brands or enterprises with the process of setting up or upgrading the brand concept, building visual identification system, doing the interior design、 product design, and interactive design.

    Narmal Design, transmit the niceness on!



    办公环境 | 

    ▽ WorKingdom联合办公  Office(WorKingdom)


    部分作品 | 

    ▽ 鲁马滋咖啡前滩店 Rumors Coffee New Bund Store 点击查看更多项目相关

    ▽ 鲁马滋咖啡品牌形象设计 Rumors Coffee VI

    ▽ 大专家.COM办公空间 DAZHUANJIA.COM Office

    ▽ J’ental口腔诊所 J’ental Care

    ▽ 谷舍民宿 GuShe Hotel

    ▽ Lentoscana品牌整体形象设计 Lentoscana Branding

    ▽ 鲁马滋咖啡快闪店 Rumors Coffee Pop-up Shop

    ▽ 张仁仁摄影展 REFE’REN’CE Photographic Exhibition


    职位 | JOBS



    It is important to find kindred spirits!

    The fundamental knowledge and skills required for design job are necessary.

    However, a sincere、rigorous and courageous attitude, the imagination of life, the curiosity about the world, the willingness to cooperate, are most cherished characteristics in our team!

    O 室内设计师1-2人

    – 项目从概念设计到施工现场服务的全案过程(针对个人会有不同的侧重点,我们希望你能真正接触到室内设计的魅力),项目类型包括如商业空间、办公空间、文化空间等。
    – 自有产品开发,相关主题内容研究等。

    – 擅长或拥有:绘画、摄影、产品设计等艺术创作经验。

    O Interior designer 1-2 openings

    Job content:
    -The process of project from conceptual design to on-site service (job emphasis differentiates by individuals, we hope you have your own interpretation about the charm of interior design). We address projects including commercial space、office space、cultural space etc.
    – Development of our own products、themed research etc.

    It is not necessary but we will be impressed if you are:
    -Good at painting、experienced in photography、product design, etc.

    O 平面设计师 1人

    – 公司日常宣传推广、产品开发、自媒体平台维护等相关素材设计。
    – 对外项目(包括:品牌整体形象设计、品牌商业策划;包装、物料等设计;宣传类海报、画册、书籍设计等)。

    – 擅长或拥有:插画、视频制作、网页设计、新媒体运营经验。

    O Graphic designer 1 opening

    Job content:
    -Daily publicity and promotion、product development、self-media platform maintenance and other related material design;
    -External projects (including brand image design、brand business planning; packaging、 materials and supplies design; publicity posters、albums、book design, etc.);

    It is not necessary but we will be impressed if you are:
    -Good at or experienced in illustration、video production、web design、new media operation.

    O 室内设计&平面设计实习生 1-2人

    – 长期招聘,实习期要求二个月以上,实习生补助2000-3000元/月。

    O Interns (interior design& graphic design) 1-2 openings

    – Long-term recruitment;
    – Exercitation more than two months;
    – Internship allowance 2000-3000 RMB per month.


    应聘方式 | How to apply

    – 简历、代表作品(pdf格式,<10mb)
    – 以邮件形式发送至:[email protected]
    – 邮件标题请注明:应聘职位+姓名+手机号码

    -Resume,portfolio(PDF format,<10mb)
    -mail to [email protected]
    -please Mail with a title: Vocation name +Your name + Mobile phone number.


    We will contact you as soon as we receive your mail.
    Interview / Working place: 12F, JA GOHIGH building, No. 2 Huashan Road, Jingan District, Shanghai.
    Looking forward to your joining!




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