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    Sanya Forest Wetland Park Locus Associates

    Landscape design for a healthy lifestyle in a forested valley

    Project Specs

    Design Firm:

    非常感谢 源点设计 将以下授权gooood发行。更多关于他们:Locus Associates on gooood
    Appreciation towards Locus Associates for providing the following description:


    A valley landscape within a series of amalgamated and disparate plots of land developed over some years posits an opportunity for the surrounding strata residential clusters to be stitched together as a better cohesive whole.

    ▼项目概览,project overview



    This time, the wetland park serves two objectives – to improve the existing circulation networks and to identify key focus areas for further design accentuation. During our exploration, we analysed and proposed the lake as a climax and new visual focal point to the launch of its hillside villas edition.

    ▼原有的湖泊被作为景观空间的中心和山体别墅的视线焦点,the existed lake was analysed and proposed as a climax and new visual focal point to the launch of its hillside villas edition

    ▼水中荷花艺术装置,the lotus-shaped installation


    ▼轴测分析图,axon analysis

    The advent of the landscape concept was very much borne out of numerous site visits, understanding the existing terrain in trying to retain as much of what was done well previously and what should be added to highlight the qualities in the valley. In so doing, the approach became interestingly organic and sporadic even though we were clear on the onset that a collective visual identity in the gardens should be achieved at the end.

    ▼景观中保留了大量的现有乔木和灌木,a great quantity of trees and shrubs were kept on the site


    A series of beetle nut pavilions under the existing palm grove were linked by a meandering walk into the valley plain. Here grated steel decks skirt around the cattails in the creek to reveal the river and allow a closer proximity to the waters for visitors.

    ▼滨水步道,steel decks

    ▼槟榔林间竖立着的“鸟笼”既是雕塑也是休息的空间,a series of “beetle nuts” functions as both sculptures and pavilions for resting


    As a rain garden with a varying water table responding the prevailing climate conditions, the walk presents a pleasant surprise at different times of the year. We also manipulated the topography at selected points to manage potential flood conditions. With new walkways and bridges, ramps and terraces to link up adjacent developments by foot and buggy rides, the wetland park hopes to create a more conducive and welcome place for all to linger in.

    ▼夜景,night view


    ▼由参数化钢片构成的卧龙桥,the Wolong Bridge made of parameterized steel elements


    ▼公园最高处的观景亭,the viewing platform on the top point of the park

    ▼住宅外观,exterior view of the residences

    ▼住宅和公园概览,residential clusters in the park

    ▼场地轴测图,axon of the site

    ▼设计示意图,design diagram


    More:源点设计。更多关于他们:Locus Associates on gooood

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