Appreciation towards SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects for providing the following description:

这座酿酒室位于秋田县五城目町的城市中心,由Sake Brewery在1688年创立。

This is new Regional hub of Gojyome, Akita prefecture by Sake Brewery established in 1688.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼临街立面,street view


▼改造思路,design concept

We designed micro expansion with Big doors and Triangular canopies to rearrange structural stability, thermal condition and new functions, after demolishing existing expansion parts. Intermediate space by micro expansion converted backyard parking to main event space with creating new regional network through the main car street →inside space → sake brewery →market street.

▼原先位于后院的停车区域被整合为主要的活动空间,the micro expansion converted backyard parking to main event space with creating a new regional network

▼宽敞的大门和三角形的顶篷构建了新的入口,Big doors and Triangular canopies were introduced to the existed facade

▼三角形的入口空间,triangular space of the entrance area


Inside space is composed with existing elements and materials to create future history and new communications between townspeople and visitors with integrating new and old scenery.

▼室内空间,interior view

▼兼顾新旧场景的交流空间,a new communal space for townspeople and visitors

▼二层座位区域,seating area on the second level

▼俯瞰中庭,overlooking the atrium

▼室内夜景,interior night view


“Micro public network” can reconstruct local community and economy.The “micro public network” is a method for reconstruction small Village with micro scale buildings networking in a whole area. The network is created by innovative technology, like IT, Automatic drive, Drone and New economy. This method can update local landscape and history as a future lifestyle platform with sequence of gradual and small developments.

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼一层和二层平面图,floor plans


▼热条件分析,thermal condition

Architect: SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects Inc. (Daisuke Sugawara, Ayaka Yamamoto)
Structural Design: yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE (Yasuhiro Kaneda)
Lighting Design:Toh design(Aki Hayakawa)
Photo: Photo Office-K(Daisuke Kondo)
Constructor: Fuji Corporation (Yoshiharu Fuji)
Location: Akita, JAPAN
Design Period: Sep. 2017 – Dec. 2017
Construction Period: Jun. 2018 – Mar. 2018

More:SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects。更多关于:SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects on gooood.

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